Monday, July 25, 2016

Don't Use Our Songs

THERE'S BEEN AN outcry about the Republican National Convention using certain songs when introducing people. It is illegal to use a song without permission if the song has been copyrighted, but it's a complicated issue.

Click here for a detailed explanation of the law. I'm sure Trump isn't remotely scared or gives two bleeps about his campaign using songs without permission. For the author and copyright holders, it is a big deal, and there are pros and cons.

I wouldn't want anything to do with a political candidate using an song. It's art, and a part of you, and for somebody to use it without permission is a violation of character and intent. Nobody is going to use an old Funions song from a decade a ago, but I did get copyrights for three CDs worth of original material, and other recorded demo songs.

On the other hand, publicity is publicity, and it gets people you might not have heard from in a long time back in the news, and creates interest.

I hope the artists suing Trump get every dime they deserve.

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