Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nothing fazes the doctor in lessons

A QUINCY PHYSICIAN is one of my guitar students. We have a blast and share a lot of common musical interests. He's already a good player so we do a lot of picking out songs and approaches to playing them.

Yesterday we were going through a beautiful Beatles song, "Something," when a massive thunderstorm hit Quincy. We were in the middle of figuring out how to go from an A minor major to an A minor seventh when the power went out and my lesson room went dark.

Power outages downtown are rare because the cables are underground. Fortunately this one lasted about 10 seconds, and the lights came right back on.

This didn't faze the good doctor one bit. He said, "Well, I get the transition. Do we go right back into the opening part again?" And off we went to learn the rest of the song.

Doctors must have focus and a determination to not let stuff get in the way of learning. This doctor, obviously, gets it.

And now we know how to play a Beatles song - in the dark, even.

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