Friday, July 29, 2016

The patriot

I HATE POLITICS. So I rarely delve into the fray. I hide people on Facebook and turn the channel when it comes to idiots and blowhards telling me how to vote.

Sheryl and I watched two weeks of conventions. Ick. Double ick. Yet this is our political system, the way we are governed, so we owe it to ourselves to watch and decide.

Trump is a moron and bully. Hillary is a product of the political machine. Why doesn't Al Franken run for president? Now there is a guy I could get behind.

I grew up a devout Christian. I still believe. But more and more, I'm expanding my views. What if we aren't the only ones who are right and just? Radical is radical, no matter what you believe.

And be very careful at judging upon first glance.You might be surprised at who the real patriots are.
The very best of this video starts at....  6 minutes. 

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