Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Meetings, meetings and meetings

THERE ARE MEETINGS coming up I'd like to attend. Normally, I hate meetings. I don't like sitting there listening to people gab, especially when they just like the sound of their own voice. I had to cover and write about a lot of meetings when I was a reporter and I detested and dreaded going to them.

They are, unfortunately, necessary. I am in guitar lessons during the week most nights until at least 6:30 or 7, so it's hard to get out and go to some of them, but I'll make an effort this week.

Wednesday night, the Quincy Park District board meets at 6 p.m. at QPD headquarters on Bonansinga Drive. I'm told the Dogwood Carnival will be talked about, among other things.

On Thursday night at 6, there's a strategic planning meeting at the Quincy Public Library. Mayor Kyle Moore and other city officials will be talking about economic development and important issues in our community. It's easy to sit behind a keyboard and blame everybody for everything - I am guilty as anybody - so this is a chance to hear about very important things going on in our city.

And finally, at the May 15 City Council meeting, I'm hoping to talk to the mayor and to our alderman about some of our concerns with the Dogwood carnival, and offer some potential ideas and solutions.

As for the next meeting, I suggest we take the Congregational or Methodist approach, and schedule a meeting to talk about when the next meeting with take place, as long as there is another meeting about it. GUH. The end.

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