Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Prices and happy happy happy

HERE ARE FOUR stories about prices, being upset about prices, being reasonable about prices, and working together. It's all about love and harmony at Second String Music, or at least we strive to make it that way.

A young man came in last week looking for an item. He got upset about the price. I understand - we try to match internet prices on most items, but there are some things we just can't match. The young man mumbled under his breath and I believe cursed at me as he left the store.

We always have happiness on sale at SSM!
He came back a minute later. "Well, I have to have it," he said. He gave me the money, and I was prepared to give him his nickel in change. "Keep the change!" he said. So our Elevator Restoration Fund is five cents richer, and the young man is that much angrier.

Not long after another young man came in looking for a specific item. Actually, the same item, only pricier. He didn't bat an eye and was thrilled we had it in stock. He was happy. We love happy musicians.

On Monday night we sold our beautiful Gretsch hollow body bass guitar to a very nice man. He had been in before, done his homework, knew what he wanted. He was a joy to work with and he got a great deal on an incredible instrument. We want to work with all our local musicians, and attitude is huge when we do.

Then came the man who walked in last week and asked to see our recorders. They are $5. He said, "Do you have any Yamaha recorders?" Unfortunately, we don't. "Well, I only play Yamaha recorders," he said.

We showed him what we had. He liked the price. He bought the recorder. He's happy, we are happy, everybody is happy, and Fifth and Maine is all about being happy.

We do our best on prices. We love working with our customers. And we appreciate donations to our Elevator Restoration Fund. Rock on, Q Town! It's all about being happy, all the time.

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