Friday, September 21, 2018

Always something going on

SHERYL WORKS VERY hard to update a Facebook page called What To Do In Quincy IL. If an event gets posted, she makes sure to put it on the page too and let as many people as possible know what's going on.

The tired old saying of "There is nothing to do in Quincy" is a bunch of bleep. There is ALWAYS something going on in Quincy. We are just so used to everything being put in front of us without making any effort to find out the times, events, and details of events.

The other day I saw a post from a woman complaining there was actually too much going on last night. Too much! No! I hope she was OK and made it to as many events as possible. The ones she missed? They probably missed her, too.

Oh well.

Most of our venues in town have social media presence. It's not hard to find somebody playing somewhere, or a big event at our local art center, or a balloon glow, or a street party on a Thursday night.

We encourage you to check out What To Do In Quincy and we hope you find as much stuff as possible to do!

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