Wednesday, July 1, 2020

July 20% off Sale

JOE MAYS OF Mays Real Estate has officially listed our historic Fifth and Maine building. Click here for all the details. We had our first showing yesterday and we are ever hopeful as the process starts.

Sheryl and I know this will take time, and we are patient people for the most part. Second String Music isn't going anywhere soon. Again, the best-case scenario would be for somebody to buy the business and building and keep the music store open, and I continue guitar lessons in the back. Sheryl is pragmatic about it and thinks that scenario is least likely.

We've been busy getting stuff organized and cleaned. Electric Fountain Brewing is officially out of the 503 Maine space today after one last deep cleaning. There's still a lot of debris and junk to throw away from the top floors, so we will haul stuff downstairs as Sheryl organizes.

In Second String Music it's business as usual and the last few days have been good. Our July special is 20% off all electric guitars & electric bass in stock, and we've seen a few beauties find new homes.

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