Thursday, July 9, 2020

Lost .... then found

TWO DAYS AGO I lost my wallet. I was walking the dogs and when I got back to the Jeep it wasn't there. I usually lock it in the Jeep with my phone out of sight. I retraced my steps and asked Eric and the crew at Woodland Cemetery to keep an eye out for it. I scoured my car, the house, the store, everywhere. I drove Sheryl nuts with my anxiety over losing the dang thing.

Finally, I had to admit it was gone. We had the credit cards and my debit card frozen. There was cash and a check in the wallet, thankfully not much more. It's a horrendous sinking feeling when you realize how much of your life is enclosed in a small piece of leather. Sheryl made plans to get another wallet and I resigned to the fact Mr. Dumbass, me, had lost it for good.
THIS is blog worthy.

This morning Sheryl gave the Jeep a "Sheryl Search." She didn't find the wallet, but she did remove a lot of debris from behind the back seats, shook out the blanket full of sticks and fur, and repositioned all the seats. No wallet.

When she got back in the house she looked around the dining room table, where I throw all my junk when I come into the house. She called up the stairs, "I found your wallet! I haven't moved it yet. I will let you see where it fell."

The wallet was lodged between our dining room table and the wall. I looked down there earlier but it was dark and I just failed to see it. Thank God Sheryl is good at looking harder and found it.

So we can unfreeze the cards, deposit the money and just generally breathe a massive sigh of relief.

Now, where are my sunglasses?

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