Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Colt Clark and his kids!

EVERY MORNING I get up, stumble around and make coffee, and click on a few websites to start the day. Yes, it's important to be up on current events. But it's depressing, too.

Thankfully we have Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids to make everything better. Colt lives in Florida and is a veteran music performer. When the country was impacted by Covid, he decided to make videos of him playing with his three young children. 

If there is a better version of Baba O'Reilly out there, please let me know. 

The best part is his little daughter dancing around and the sheer joy and goofiness of playing music with her big brothers and her dad. To the boys, of course, it's serious business playing music with dad, who often has to suppress a laugh or two during the videos. It takes a fair amount of practice to get the songs down and I bet they have just as much fun learning the songs as doing the videos. 

Take a second and listen to at least one song by Colt and his family every morning, and I guarantee it will make your day better!

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