Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Randy Industries at SSM

 SECOND STRING MUSIC is proud to welcome Randy Phillips and his Randy Industries as his drop off location in Quincy. Randy, the legendary leader of The Maulers and small plane pilot extraordinaire, is using Fifth and Maine to greet clients and get items for his video production and transfer business. He will not have an office here but it's a good place to meet. 

Randy actually works out of a secret rural location. We tried to get more info but his people refused to meet with our people unless fireworks were involved. So we are trying to guess where his home office is located. 

Some say it's in the caves on Ill. 57. Others say Spring Street. There is a wild conspiracy theory that Randy is actually Vulcan, clips his antenna-like ears and has a spaceship near Marblehead. 

None of these outrageous stories are true. But we like to spread ideas around and make sure people are talking about him, us, and Maulerfest this fall.

If you don't know about the Maulers, well, sorry, there's not nearly enough time to fill you in. Let's just say they are a band, they are loud, and they blow stuff up. And it's more fun than you should be allowed to have.

Welcome Randy! It proves that Fifth and Maine is the place to be, and reportedly very popular with Vulcans.

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