Friday, May 18, 2012

Burglaries and owning a business

THE OTHER DAY the West Quincy Pawn Shop got hit, and hit hard.

A brazen burglar smashed the window, crawled through, stole a bunch of guns and jewelry, and left the same way he came in. I went over there the next morning, and the Marion County Sheriff's deputies and owner gave us access to the scene.

Click here for my story. And the video I put together - old dogs learning new tricks.

I felt horrible for the owner. Then I thought, "What if it was me?"

Sheryl and I have poured our hearts and souls into Second String Music. We aren't in necessarily the greatest of neighborhoods, and I can say that because we live a block away. We have really good people living around us and lots of dirtballs, too - some right across and down the street.

We have an excellent security system, and solid deadbolt lock on the door, and a huge streetlight right across the street.

We are hoping against hope we don't get victimized. If I walked in on somebody who broke in and was stealing stuff, I'm not sure what I do, but it probably wouldn't be good for either side.

Part of our Calftown Neighborhood Watch mantra is to be the eyes and ears, but never take the law into our own hands.

Hopefully we'll never be in that situation, or have to worry about a break-in.

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