Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday mornings in the music store

IT IS SATURDAY morning and I am spending it in Second String Music.

I have decided it's the little things that make it worthwhile. Little things like ...

- Hearing our guitar teacher, Warren Riley, laugh at LuckyCat Vegas and Fast Eddie, our store cats, as they fight over Chair Rights.

- Listening to Lenny Kravitz.

- Wondering why the gal who just wandered in isn't wearing shoes. And why she still has a hospital bracelet on her wrist.

- The Hood, in general. Duh.

- Eddie jumping into my lap and purring like a mad kitten.

'87 Gibson Epiphone Nouveau Spotlight
- Figuring out which guitar to bring to tonight's Cheeseburger gig, a wedding at one of the local halls. The rare '87 Gibson Epiphone Nouveau Spotlight I just acquired from Warren in a trade for a 12-string acoustic? The trusty Fender Highway Strat? The Aria goldtop? Enee Meanie Minie Mo ....

- And the Gibson Epiphone wins. For tonight.---^

- Coffee.  Even when Sheryl makes it, Yum.

- Dreaming of a Lake Michigan Beach. Three impossible months away. GUH.

- Appreciating the fact my back is feeling really good for the first time in years. Thank you Emily and the Nu Fit For You folks for the Monday night Pilates sessions. They are working!

- Wondering when I'm going to get a chance to play golf. Big tournament coming up with The Boss and I haven't played in almost a year. How do you hit that stupid little ball, anyway?

- My wife being amazingly organized and running this business while I goof around and strum stuff. That's not a little thing, by the way.  (She can fix things with a hammer and a screw driver!)

- Our Six String Heroes latest student, Chris, who graduates today. Chris needed something to do and he's found a release in playing the guitar. "I'm sleeping better at night," he says. The power of music. HUGE!

Our store cats....  Alex and Eddie
- Fast Eddie crashing into something in the back room.

- A good keyboard solo.

- A sidewalk crack that doesn't have weeds in it.

- The good people putting on a benefit this afternoon for the late Keith Mullin. Might have to put a bid on some of The Who stuff.

- Kevin Reed at Reed Promotional Media. Stay tuned, cause it could get really interesting around here.

- Lunch. Outta here to make the Saturday Hy-vee on Harrison run!

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