Friday, August 10, 2012

Cured With A Summer Sun Kiss

SHERYL AND I just got back from the best five-day vacation, and I learn every year that when life wears you down, being kissed by a Michigan summer sun on a Lake Michigan beach cures everything.

We had great weather, big waves, family time and the sand is still stuck between my toes. Sunday we were at my uncle's house near Holland and Monday we drove to Hoffmaster State Park near Grand Haven. The campsite was perfect despite our loud and parentally-challenged neighbors, and there is something magical about sitting in front of a fire as night slowly falls.

There is something about sitting on a Lake Michigan beach. You jump in the warm water, get tossed around by the waves, come back to your chair and dry off in the warm breeze. Sunscreen and cold beverages are the only requirements. If you close your eyes and have sudden clarity, that means beach therapy is working.

We drove to the east side of the state to visit family Thursday and made it back last night. I've made this trip a billion times by myself, and I must say having Sheryl drive the last half of the trip made it a lot easier. Plus I managed to finish Beth Lane's book about the Pfanschmidt murders near Quincy 100 years ago (more in a later blog).

Alex Sanders worked in the store for us while we were gone and I can honestly say I had no worries, none, about Second String Music while we were gone. Sheryl really missed the dogs, and next year we'll think about a canine-friendly beach area.

Back to reality today. I am tired but feel really, really good, which means a right decision was recently made.

I might make campground reservations now for next year!  Till then, enjoy this years Goony Race at Uncle Peter's.


  1. Glad to hear you all had a good time. You are right about Lake Michigan, when you need rest it is the best place to be except I spent my time at the Dunes. Welcome back!!!