Friday, August 17, 2012


YESTERDAY A GUY came into the store and was very rude. He wore out his welcome. I'll be nice to him if he comes back because in retail you can't burn any bridges, but his behavior irked Sheryl and me.

Logan Kammerer
This guy is a good musician who has been in the store before, but never bought anything. That's OK. We have more than a few folks who just like to wander in and hang out, and we are all about that.

So this guy starts bashing our prices. "I can get that a lot cheaper on the internet," he says. He was looking at one of our nicer higher-end guitars and said we were "way off" on the price. Sheryl looked it up later and actually we are right on.

If you think our prices are too high compared to the internet, you could be right. We try to match online prices but there are times when that simply isn't possible.

There are two ways to approach us about it. One is to be a jerk and complain. Thank you, keep driving through.

The second is to come to us and say, "You know, that Dean guitar is awesome, but I found it for a bit less online." Our comeback will be, "Let's talk and see if we can work something out."  We stress service after the sale and the 4 free private lessons from Vancil with any instrument purchase is a sweet enticement to buy local.  Where on the Internet will you get treated so well?

A little civility can go a long way.

Molly on the Accordian
Before I got into this retail bidness I used to buy music stuff online. You take a chance when you do because you never know if something will show up in one piece, if it's actually as good as it seems on the computer screen, etc. I prefer to try a guitar and see how it feels and sounds before buying, and many of our customers feel the same way.

I also tried to support our local music stores, and on more than one occasion I paid a few more dollars. That's OK. I spent my money at local business, and it was worth every penny.  Shopping at my local music store just feels right.

Come in and talk to us! We appreciate feedback. And civility. Amazing, how everything works out when you use common sense and are polite.

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