Friday, August 24, 2012

Reasonable (and therapeutic) band practice

HAD A LOT of fun practicing last night with the band Reasonable Doubt. We play Saturday in Paloma's park at 5:30 p.m. and it will be a blast.

Reasonable Doubt is basically the old Funions. Adams Yates, Mark Brei and Jon Barnard make up the core of the band. Chris Cornwell usually sings and plays guitar but had another commitment Saturday so I'm taking his place, hardly an adequate replacement but I will do my best. Jack Inghram and Paul Lester also play when available.

I love playing with Adam. He is a talented all around musician who plays keyboards, drums, harmonica and sings. Adam simply loves to play and I am proud of the fact that a few years ago, I went over to his house to jam and got him interested in getting out and playing in a band.

These guys don't take themselves seriously and we laughed as much as we practiced last night. They do a few songs I'm not familiar with so it will be a challenge and I hope I'm up for it. I'm a very average guitar player at best and JB will do most of the lead stuff, but I like stepping outside the comfort zone and at least trying.

Plus we get to do a few Funions originals, and I'm all about that.

This has been a rough week in many respects, and when I found out last night that my health insurance had been canceled (by mistake, I hope), I was glad to take my frustrations out on my guitar and amp, and it was just fun to hang with the guys and bang out some tunes.

Goonies racing into Lake Michigan
Music, as always, is great therapy.

So, with my ears still ringing and this image from a glorious Lake Michigan beach day stuck in my mind, here's to my last day at The Herald-Whig. The party is on at Fifth and Maine this afternoon!

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  1. I really wish I could make it down to celebrate with you. I'll be there in spirit, but duty calls.... We will make an evening of it tomorrow. Congratulations once again.