Thursday, September 26, 2013

A great time playing with Steve Rees

I HAD A blast playing last night at One Restaurant with Steve Rees. It was a last-second gig, since the scheduled act bailed. We didn't advertise much and it was pretty low-key, but it was a great experience.

Steve is a real musician. He has an incredible voice and he plays a mellow acoustic guitar without a pick. We alternated songs and it was a study in contrast - I more or last bash straight ahead, while he actually plays the guitar and has beautiful melodies and structure.

One of my guitar students, Bella Sonethongkam, played a few songs as well, and all I have to say is that a young gal who can sing and play like that is destined for great things.

I love playing in the band element, with the energy and the rush, but playing acoustic guitar with a guy like Steve is really what it's all about.

Let's do it again!

Also, don't forget that Steve runs the Open Mic Night at One every Thursday night, so get out and support local musicians. The first few weeks have gone very well and I hope it continues.

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