Monday, September 23, 2013

Spontaneous Strumming

GREAT FUN SATURDAY night at a friend's house. They have a "Green Hour Lounge" where you can perform, with no rules. Poetry, skits, newscasts, music .... anything!

Guitar player weeps while Mike and Nadine sing.
The awesome Nadine Mitchell wanted to sing, so we came up with a couple of songs, and I strummed really lightly on a borrowed guitar to stay out of the way. Man .... tell me there is anything better than a gal who can sing, and I don't mean breathy pop-star auto-tune crooning. Her version of "Rainbow Connection" with husband Michael was classic, and Kermit The Frog sounded great, too.

Sunday afternoon The Cheeseburgers played at the Hannibal Country Club. It was an older crowd and they wanted "oldies" they knew. Well, when you hire us, you know what you are getting, and we do play more than a few 60s and 70s songs, but we do what we do.

At the end of the night, somebody demanded we play "Proud Mary." Tim Lawless knew it, we followed, Burt made up some words, and we pulled it off. And the already happy people were even happier.

Gotta love the unpredictable nature of playing music. Keeps you on your toes and keeps you young. Even if you are older.

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