Thursday, September 12, 2013

No picture, sorry

SHERYL AND I enjoy sitting on the sidewalk at Fifth and Maine. It's never dull. You see all kinds of people, and the rubberneckers have been dangerous but entertaining since the Newcomb fire.

We can see the Gardner Museum at Fourth and Maine now that the Newcomb is down. It's a very sad thing, don't get me wrong, but the Newcomb was a rearing and space-sucking building in disrepair, and if it had to go, well ... so be it.

I had a Facebook status yesterday about how nice the view was, and one response was, "Photo?" Well, yes, we live in that day and age, and we have to see everything, but sometimes I think the picture isn't worth the 1,000 words.

You can see some incredible Newcomb photos on The Whig's blog, Between The Lens. And I'll get Sheryl to take a photo, eventually.

Right now, however, I'm soaking up the new view.

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  1. I was up on the third floor of the HLGU admin building the other day admiring the view into IIllinois from the big windows. I was remembering a similar view from the old admin building before it burned in 1989. At that time the choir room was up there. In that case there was a restoration with something better. The music dept did have a bit of a nomadic nature for awhile until the new fine arts building went up. When we accidentally (trash fire, wind, long story) burned down a barn on the farm, that view was greatly improved by its removal. We'll see how this comes out. In the meantime, enjoy.