Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hangers-on vs. Customers - What To Do?

THERE IS NO right or wrong or easy answer to this question, but, what do you do with people who are just killing time in your store and playing expensive instruments?

I'm tolerant. I like people to consider Second String Music as a hangout, to try our stuff, to feel at home and comfortable.

But we deal with a small number of folks who come in, have nowhere to be during the day, and are a bit, well, obnoxious. They are looking for a place to kill time.

We had this situation yesterday, and it didn't end well. I felt a bit bad until I realized that this is a business, not a social services, recreational, counseling, and/or I'm here to impress my girlfriend hangout.

As I type this, a polite young man is in the store. He is buying guitar strings. He is playing some nice guitars at a low volume, and I suspect he's dreaming of the day he can afford a nice guitar.

I like it. He can stay as long as he wants.

And he's making me feel better about life in general.

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