Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Outside People update - they are gone

A FEW WEEKS ago I wrote about the Outside People. They had been gathering in Washington Park and apparently causing some issues.

The Outside People are gone. The park is much quieter. Life is better.

After getting complaints from some of the downtown businesses, the Quincy Park District became more visible in the park. I saw the director and several other administrators wandering around the park almost every day for a week. A ranger has been in the park every day, picking up trash and puttering around.

The Outside People wore out their welcome. There were several disturbances, and they were warned at least three times they could not act this way. I believe the disturbances were vocal in nature.

Finally, they were warned that they would be ticketed if they were observed causing problems.

They left more than a week ago, and they haven't been back.

I love Washington Park. Everybody should enjoy it. But you can't live in it, and you can't disturb other people's peace.

So. Thank you, Quincy Park District, for listening and taking action. And to the Outside People - I am sorry you couldn't stay in the park.

You wore out your welcome, and that's that.

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