Tuesday, August 26, 2014

True Blood and God

THE HBO SERIES "True Blood" has finally ended. Sheryl and I got sucked into it last year and faithfully watched it to the end.

True Blood was ridiculous, gory, needlessly vulgar, sublime, way over the top and just plain stupid at times. But like a lot of cable shows, it tackled tough subjects like race and religion with different spins, and it did make you think.

In the final episode, Sookie Stackhouse visits Rev. Daniels to get some advice. She has been asked to kill her friend and lover, Vampire Bill, to end both their suffering. Click here for the link.

This is an amazing scene. Finally, a pastor who is portrayed as human! And his advice at the end concerning God and free will strikes a chord.

I'm glad True Blood is over, but I will miss certain parts of the series and some of the characters.

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