Monday, August 25, 2014

Paid To Play

HERE'S AN ONLINE article about venues and what they need to know about paying bands and entertainment. Click here. Almost every bar and venue owner in town should be required to read it. There are a few who get it, and I appreciate them.

It's tough for a new person to find paying gigs in Quincy. Very tough. My only advice is to stay true to your music and keep plugging away.

Some of us are lucky. I get paid to play music. Not a lot, but it's still worth it and it's so much fun - I had a good time with my Pepper Spray brothers Saturday night in Paloma.

I will also play for free for the right event, but not for exposure.

Music is a labor of love, though guitar strings don't grow on trees. And, you get what you pay for. Just stuff to think about when hiring the entertainment.


  1. Rodney, the author forgot to mention that venues should reserve a parking space in front for the Band Tour Bus... so, outside traffic can see there is a big show that night. Also, when the Pepper Spray aircraft is wheels-down at the airport, the venue should have a shuttle ready for gear and gods to go!

  2. Well, the author is a little slow .... of course there should be room for the bus. And when we fly to a Lake Michigan gig, we always land to an awaiting shuttle!