Thursday, November 3, 2016

Jamalama Friday

WE ARE HAVING a jam session Friday afternoon at Second String Music. We don't do them much anymore - it seems like there is always something going on and we're too busy. This is the first weekend in forever I haven't had a show, road trip or something going on.

Hogwash! We should never be too busy to jam. Here are some reasons we are doing it Friday ....

- The fridge will be wide open.
- Cubbies!
- We might have new bad country songs everybody can play. Three chords and the truth, baby. Beyonce.
- Colder weather is coming, meaning Washington Park is a lot nicer and quieter.
- We can warm up for the always-epic store party before Thanksgiving. This year it is Saturday, Nov. 19. I'm lining up some really good music and we will toast our late and great friend, Pat Cornwell and the inimitable Luckycat Vegas.
- The Vortex Of Crazy is nearly over. To put it simply, this time of year always has strange stuff going on.
- Strange stuff includes next Tuesday's election. I. Am. Tired. Of. It. Stick a sock in it, shillers and drillers. I've gone deaf and I don't care. But I'll remember who lied and who got stupid in the stretch run, and that includes the local races.
- We are celebrating my CMA Award. That's right, MY award. It's for "Having No Idea Who That Was lip-synching with the Dixie Chicks." I will polish it up and have it on display.
- It's fun! We get players of all kinds and all skill levels. Strum and hum along - we don't care. We're just ja-ja-ja jamming.
- Why not?
- Fast Eddie approves. Nuff said.

Just a few things to remember - please bring your own instruments and refreshments. This is acoustic and we generally don't plug in. Kazoos are encouraged. And no death metal medleys or emo. You can just hang out, too! Fast Eddie would love it.

See you Friday!

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