Thursday, February 9, 2017

Limping Border Collies

TUCKER, OUR BEAUTIFUL Border Collie, hurt his paw the other day. Sheryl noticed him limping last night. Tucker just gave us his mournful "Ah it's okay don't worry about me suffering from death" look and hobbled away.

This may have had something to do with Tucker and the other dogs getting their shots this week. I wouldn't like it either if a strange dude jabbed me in the butt with a needle. Wait. That sounded really wrong. But you get the idea.

Tucker using his good paw to drive.
Lucy, the Queen of Calftown and Sheryl's beloved Border/Aussie mix, was very good at the whole injured paw thing. She'd limp around and make sure you could see her in all her pain and agony. Then she'd see a squirrel and dash off to chase it, and there wasn't a thing wrong with her.

On our walk this morning, Tucker was noticeably limping and stayed off his front left paw. This is the same leg he broke several years ago jumping out of a Second String Music window on the upper floors. He hasn't been up there since, obviously.

So there could be something to the whole paw thing. Tucker is at the store this morning and seems to be doing fine - he just terrorized Fast Eddie and greeted the UPS and Fed Ex delivery drivers.

If you want to come see him today, make sure you shake his right paw.

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