Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Send The Cheeseburgers to the moon

THERE IS A company out there sending two people around the moon. So I want the company owner to know this - I'll do it, for free.

In fact, I'd bring my whole band. Cheeseburgers In Space. Has a certain Saturn ring to it, n'est-pas?

Is that our drummer in the uppper left?
Sending the Cheeseburgers to space is a great idea. Imagine the Cowbell Medley without gravity! I'd have to bolt my word house and amp to the space ship floor. Actually, we'd have to bolt everything to the floor, including our drummer. The Keystone Light cans flying around would be hazardous but we'd deal with it. Maybe we could talk the company into landing on the moon, and we could play a show. Fabulous night for a Moon Dance, or Walking On The Moon, right?

What's that? The two "tourists" are paying a hefty fee? And the people who went up to the International Space Station also paid huge money? Well, rats.

I can't afford to it. I'd do away with the normal band gig fee, however.

Everything is better with Cheese, including the moon and spaceships.

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