Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Music store party time again!

I CANNOT FATHOM we are celebrating anniversary No. 6 next month. It's Saturday, March 4, starting at dawn and continuing until 2017. Sounds like another hazy crazy day to me!

Details are here. Every year we try to do something different - you recall the foggy details of the Guitar Pinata last year, and the Dropping A Guitar Off The Roof of Second String Music the year before that. We are looking for another audience participation event, and so far the discarded ideas are the Four Corners of Washington Park Beer Relay and the trampoline off the roof plunge. Without a safety net

One thing we are seriously considering is a SSM Talent contest. We'll have three random judges and put up millions of dollars in prizes. Or maybe an Eighth and Washington store pick. Details are still being worked out.

So. . . Get your thinking caps on. Or off, if that works better. It's time to celebrating yet again, and nobody does a music store party better than Second String Music.

We have broken guitars to prove it.

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