Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Portugal The Man and band rentals

IT STARTED ABOUT 2:30 yesterday afternoon. Parents streamed into Second String Music to rent band instruments - cellos, violas, violins, trumpets, clarinets, more violins, flutes, more violins .... They were lined up three deep at the counter and we loved every minute of it.

It's not a really good day at the store unless a couple comes in wearing Portugal The Man shirts and tries out guitars. Yesterday was also about guitar picks. And ... we are big in Keokuk, apparently.

The only music store in Keokuk, Iowa, about 40 miles away, closed down not long ago. We had a woman come in looking for a guitar pack for her son's 13th birthday. Grandma was with her and she ended up buying a fabulous Luna ukulele. "We live in Keokuk. It's worth the drive to come here," she said.

That made us feel good. Throw in a doctor's appointment for Sheryl and my awesome as always guitar students, and we had ourselves a regular rock and roll day at Fifth and Maine.

Guess what? We are ready to do it again today, with another adventure awaiting about 70 miles away. Let's go!

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