Monday, October 9, 2017

Sick Day Blues

Rodney is home sick today. I have cancelled his early lessons and he plans on making it to his afternoon lessons after lots of dayquil and a hot shower this afternoon.... So I (Sheryl) get to recap our lazy weekend, which was fabulously full of doing nothing and playing with the dogs.

Yesterday Tucker surprised us all and caught/killed a squirrel in the back yard. Congratulations went all around for such a great team effort. All three dogs love to get into the action and contributed to the demise of the squirrel. Rodney got a photo of that on his phone but since he is home sick today, no photo. Poor Josie missed out on the action, she was in the neighbors yard stalking a different squirrel that needs killing.

Right after the KILL. Josie watched the whole thing.
Breathing watch, it was NOT breathing.
So this morning I am relaxing on the back porch drinking coffee and a commotion erupts by the fence. A squirrel thinks he can jump into the yard and tease all three dogs AND the cat. REALLY. No. It took about 3 seconds of chasing for Genie to pounce on the squirrel and throw it to the ground. Next comes Angus to grab it and shake the stuffin out of it. He threw it to the ground and then it flipped over... Nope, not good enough. Angus grabbed it again and shook it till it was truly DED. Dead this time. 

Of course, Tuckers job today was to dance around and bark. Then he took on the undertaker position of "watching the squirrel to make sure it was not breathing and really dead". He spent much time moving the body, touching the dead squirrel, and then rolling it over. I kept reassuring him that it was truly dead, good job boy!

Josie the cat got to watch this kill. She has been trying for weeks to figure out how to kill a squirrel. WEEKS. Today she witnessed what it would take for her to actually kill a squirrel and I think she took it very seriously.

So we are obviously quite proud of the dogs and cat for their efforts in ridding our streets of vermin and squirrels. Hopefully Josie the Huntress will let the dogs handle the big kills and keep our hood free of birds, locusts, crickets, spiders, and mice.

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