Monday, December 18, 2017

ANOTHER Star Wars?

GEESH. THEY JUST keep cranking them out, don't they? Cash cows are cash cows and the need for new Star Wars movies will probably never end.

Not that I care. I went many years without watching any of the films. But I broke down last year and went to the Rogue One movie, the one where everybody dies. Then I watched one of them made before that and I'm still ticked off they killed Han Solo.

Apparently the latest installment has a surprise ending and lots of unanswered questions. And Carrie Fisher is in it. Wait a second .... everybody died in the last movie, yet a character played by an actress who actually died last year is still around? Maybe they did some scenes before she passed. Princess Leia is one of the iconic figures in film and I really hope George Lucas and the filmmakers don't keep her alive digitally.

Uh oh. It sounds like I give a crap. Did I tell you the story about hiking several miles to a theater in London, Ont., and waiting in line for hours to see the original movie? I did?


So we'll probably suck it up and and go see the newest Star Wars movie. Don't spoil it for me. Does anybody else die? Does Princess Leia survive again? Is Luke Skywalker still stranded on an island and wearing a Michael Jackson glove on his fake hand? Is Bill Murray going to do the theme song for reals?

So many questions. Now we REALLY have to go see it.

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