Friday, March 8, 2019

Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster

FENDER UNVEILED A new acoustic guitar at the recent NAMM show, and immediately it went viral. It's called the American Acoustasonic Telecaster. Our fender rep was in the store Thursday and happened to have one to show off, and it's pretty sweet.

It's an acoustic but it has the thinner electric guitar neck, and a three-part pickup system means it can go either way when you plug it in. Made in California, comes in five different color schemes and it's super easy to play.

We had a few people call us when it came out. Of course when the price was announced ($1,999) that more or less calmed things down. In Quincy it's tough to sell a guitar like that, even though it's worth every penny.

Sheryl and I are hoping to land one or two, but right now it's a waiting game. Fender sold out the first batch and now there's a 100-day wait if you order one. They make about 40 a day and the demand continues to increase.

Rodney playing the American made Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster.

Fender isn't known for its acoustic guitars, and deservedly so. This is there first serious foray into American-made acoustics in a while and so far it's worked. We have put in our first Fender order and we still have some amazing American Strats, Telecasters and basses in stock.

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