Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Pre-school fun in the music store

WE JUST HAD 14 pre-schoolers from Early Childhood in Quincy come to Second String Music for a field trip. Musical chaos in the music store! It was so much fun.

Sheryl handed out some ukuleles and they strummed along. Steve Rees played the banjo and they were in awe. "It sounds just like being on the farm!" a little boy said. I hacked on a guitar and they politely clapped. I think they were coached.

You could see the excitement in most of their eyes and they asked a lot of really good questions. We played the piano, banged on a cajon, shook a tambourine, and Sheryl handed out kazoos as they left.

I'd call that a great field trip. The teachers and chaperones were way cool and appreciative of giving their little boys and girls a different experience. We reminded them that music is everywhere in their lives, and how much fun it is to play and learn.

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