Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Got the Tak back

LAST WEEK I sent my beloved Takamine Pro Series acoustic guitar to Don Rust for some surgery and TLC. I play this guitar so much and so hard that the metal frets get deep indentations. Don files them down and it plays like butter again. He's the only luthier in the area and the only person I'd trust to work on my high-end guitar.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Photo Courtesy Bad Wolf Media
This is the second time he's fixed the Takamine frets. It's the normal wear and tear of a guitar that is played hard and played often. Next time, probably within a year or so, I'll have to actually replace the first five or six frets, not a cheap proposition. But it will be worth every penny.

Many people cringe when the guitar they play gets a scratch or dent. We are all for taking care of your instrument, but a guitar is like a car - if you want to keep it pristine, keep it in the garage and don't drive it.

Cori and I played in Hannibal Saturday and I didn't have Tak with me, and it felt really strange. I've never played an acoustic show, and I mean ever, without Tak. The backup Alvarez and Jon Kammerer guitars are fine. But they aren't Tak. And I really missed it.

Geesh. I'm talking about it like it's my brother or something. And actually, it is. Rarely do you find a musical instrument that becomes a part of you. It's hard to explain, but this guitar has a connection and it goes far beyond the sweet sound and playability.

So Tak is back and I'm happy, and hopefully it will be along for many more musical adventures. Also, Second String Music sells Takamines. Just so you know.

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