Friday, March 20, 2020

No vacation. Bleep you, COVID 19

SHERYL AND I have long looked forward to a dream vacation in Belize. We were supposed to leave one week from today. It was going to be the first time we've ever gone on vacation to a new destination, one that didn't involve family. We love our family. But this was going to be really nice. We saved our pennies and planned how to keep the store open. We even got the awesome Brianne Campbell to watch the dogs.
Kelly Wilson just got back from Belize. We are jealous.

Last night we learned the State Department has warned to not travel outside of the country. Our flights will be canceled, and getting back was going to be a challenge regardless. So we've been forced to call it off.

Thank you, Reggie Freel at Travel House in Quincy for working with us and taking care of the cancellation details. We have trip insurance, so we'll only be out a few hundred bucks. We are dejected, but in the grand and global scheme of things, well .... we will be OK. This isn't some sort of conspiracy or hoax. People are dying and it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

That being said, we are still doing business at the store and I'm still taking precautions while doing lessons. We haven't had more than two or three people in here at once. Traffic-wise we've seen a slowdown but we've still sold lots of gear this week. We are worried about total shutdown of non-essential retail but will do that if necessary.

We will reschedule the vacation. In the meantime, Sheryl just bought a refrigerator we need. I might buy a guitar and turn it up to 11. Or drink a beer. Or learn some songs for our HartLyss livestream Sunday night.

Those warm and sandy beaches will have to wait, and we will hunker down with everybody else and get through this.

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