Monday, March 16, 2020

Open for bidness ... take it to 11!

SECOND STRING MUSIC is open for business as usual. We feel the pain of our local bar and restaurant owners, who have to shut down for a couple of weeks. Sheryl and I don't go out to eat that often, but we do a fair amount of takeout and we will try to support our local restaurant economy. We may even cook a meal or two at home.

That being said, we will encourage people to wash their hands before trying out our instruments. And ... get a free toilet paper roll with any guitar purchase! If you are not comfortable with coming into the store, simply call us (217 223-8008) and we'll deliver to the curb. You can also email us ( or contact us on Facebook Messenger ( We are also offering delivery in Quincy for a tiny fee of $2.

For our guitar students, we are open for lessons. We've several students decide to take the next two weeks off and we support that. We will credit for the lessons and we'll resume when they think it's okay to continue. Use your best judgment, if you are one of the classifications that are at risk of this virus we want you happy and healthy in the end.

We are taking precautions and as a low traffic business we hope to stay open for the duration. Rock out at home and lose yourself in the music, you may as well turn it up one louder. We want to keep you all rocking. It's a great time to find the movie Spinal Tap and see what fun the music industry can be.

We'll get through this tough time and be better for it. Stay strong and keep rocking!

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