Tuesday, November 17, 2020

No Store Party

FOR THE FIRST time since we opened Second String Music nearly 10 years ago, we are not having the annual Saturday Before Thanksgiving Store Party.

We'd always gather and have more fun than should be allowed, with a jam session, a big toast to our late friend Pat Cornwell, and a lot of laughing and celebrating. But having more than a few people in the store at one time isn't a good idea - Quincy has declared a State of Emergency and the COVID infection rates are spiraling out of control in this country.

It's still OK to remember Pat. Have a toast on your own if you knew him. We'd usually do it around 6 p.m. with some nasty cough syrup, also known as Southern Comfort. Watch out, it's potent.

Thanksgiving and Christmas take on different meanings during 2020. By not gathering this year we are ensuring that most people will be here to celebrate next year.

I'm just glad to be out of quarantine and feeling a lot better. We've resumed guitar lessons this week and we've had some good sales days recently. 

Be safe out there.

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