Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Rapid testing works

SHERYL DECIDED TO use the Adams County rapid Covid testing facility this morning. It opened Monday to a huge response. From the time she left the house, went to the facility at 33rd and Broadway (enter on 33rd), got tested and got home, about 45 minutes passed. 15 minutes later her phone rang and a county representative gave her the negative result, thank God. The whole thing was painless and free. Yup. FREE. 

Sheryl was pretty sure she didn't have COVID, but she's dealing with her usual seasonal allergies and it had been a full 14 days since I came down with it so she just wanted to be sure. Several hundred people have tested positive using the facility, and I'm going to guess most had no clue they had COVID. 

That's the insidious nature of the virus - it can smack the shit out of you like it did me for two days, it can put you in the hospital and even kill you, or you can not even know you have it. The majority of people who do get it are fine, but quarantining to stop the spread is crucial.

More testing not only makes sure we find cases and stop the spread, it also gives us a more accurate infection rate than the general 7 day floating average. In a week we will know exactly where our infection numbers are and will have more people quarantining to put a halt to the spread of COVID in Adams county. This is public health and safety at it best. Work with the system to keep us all safer.

If you live in Adams County and are on the fence about getting tested, just do it. It won't take long. It won't cost you a dime. The test is non invasive (it's just nostril swabs, not the brain poke like we had to endure two weeks ago). 

The news about potential vaccines has been encouraging, too. We are in the darkest hours of this pandemic, but there is some light ahead. Stay safe, wear a mask, don't let your guard down, and maybe sooner than later we'll be in the clear.

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