Monday, December 21, 2020

Live (stream) at Christmas ...

music so much. My hands literally shake from not playing live. We did a HartLyss livestream Saturday night and it was a blast. Thanks for hanging out with us and we are hopeful for better days ahead and playing for you again, live and in person.

We think it's best to wait until things get better. Christmas will be really hard for a lot of people because it's not safe to have a big gathering. Be careful, Q-Town. Wear a mask and pray we get through winter.

I am playing at a couple of Christmas services this week. The legendary Steve Barteau and his band The Non-Perishables are having a Salvation Army show Wednesday night. Steve is one of my pride and joy guitar students - he showed up a few years ago wanting to learn guitar because he was going on a mission trip to Honduras. "Do you know how to play?" I said. "No!" he said. "I have two months to learn a song. Let's go!" Now he's leading the band and they play all over the place, a lot of Washington Park and church gigs. Rock on, Steve!

On Thursday I'm hanging with Tom Dickerson and the Faith Prez folks for a Christmas Eve service. We've been doing livestream services on Sunday morning and it's fine, but it's also empty in the church and the feel is not the same. Thursday night we are live streaming again to the parking lot, so you can enjoy the service from your car. 

And ... we are rocking and rolling at Fifth and Maine. Four more days until Christmas! We still have some great guitars and ukuleles in stock and ready to put under the tree. Tons of stocking stuffers too!

Peace Love Joy and Merry Christmas!

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