Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Not all bad in 2020

MOST PEOPLE ARE bidding farewell to 2020 with angry emojis and lifted middle fingers. As our girls Avenue Beat love to sing, F-2020. It's been the most challenging year for us at Second String Music, both in the business and personally.

But, it hasn't been all bad ...

The pandemic closed us down for 11 weeks, and our good friend Frank Haxel died in early April. We couldn't even have a proper funeral and sendoff for Frank and we miss him a lot. The service itself was small but I will never forget the people who lined 18th Street, especially at 18th and Seminary Road. We'll have a proper bash for Frank when things get better, rest assured.

While we were shut down, Sheryl and I painted the entire downstairs of the house, put in the garden, rebuilt the back fence - remember the dirtball who crashed into it? Good times! - and I did a few zoom guitar lessons. Somehow we managed to open back up and get through the rest of the year. We had a great Christmas and we feel confident about 2021.

The Cheeseburgers haven't played since March. But Cori and I did a few outdoor shows and we had a blast doing Facebook live stream shows. No worries - we will be back!

Other local acts found ways to keep going. I love what Raised On Radio is doing tomorrow night for New Year's Eve, a live stream show to benefit Horizons Food Pantry. 

We've cleaned out our Fifth and Maine building and filled a massive dumpster with old furniture, construction debris and bird poop. Second String Music celebrates 10 years in February, and we probably will have to hold off on the bash, but it will be a glorious occasion when it does happen.

And my guitar lessons continue to rock. I have great students. In fact, we have a waiting list and I have a lot of students, a nice challenge to have. I keep learning and exploring new things on the guitar and I'm still average. But I'm getting better, too!

Be safe out there, Q-Town. Here's a better year in 2021. Count your blessings and we will see you around Fifth and Maine in a better time.

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