Monday, December 7, 2020

Take COVID seriously

WE ARE IN the third week of shutdowns in our state due to Covid. On Nov. 20, restaurants were ordered to not have indoor dining, and other activities and businesses were also curtailed.

Our numbers in Quincy and Adams County are drastically improved, mostly because of the free mass testing. But we are lumped into a region with some rural counties where Covid continues to run rampant. My fear is that those rural residents simply couldn't care less and think it's all a big joke. I am here to tell you Covid is no joke and you don't want to get it. So who knows when we'll be in the clear? 

I can't remember the last time I went out to eat. Wait. I can. It was in June for our wedding anniversary. It was in an outdoor dining space, Tiramisu. It was amazing, as always. 

Right now, there is no way we are going out. Sheryl and I do our best to support our favorite restaurants by ordering food to go, but we are watching our pennies and our small business has been affected by the pandemic, too. 

I have mixed feelings about restaurants staying open and defying the order. On the one hand, they have a right to make a living and to try and get by. There are some places that still have indoor dining but are strict about masks and limiting capacity. Then there are others that have defied it from the start and couldn't care less. A crowded bar or restaurant is a breeding ground for Covid, and if you still think it's all hoax and is just like getting the flu, I've long since moved on and dismissed your ignorance and stupidity.

I always liked the greaseburgers from 8th and York. Never again, sadly. If you have blatant disregard for the health of our community, I won't support that. If you lead the charge against wearing masks and social distancing, I will remember your words and actions.

The pandemic has killed live music and it's killing me not to play, so don't say I'm on a high horse and have no idea how Covid is screwing everything up. It's taken a huge bite out of my gig income and our music store. Supporting small business means also supporting the health of everyone that shops or works in our community. If we don't have citizens, we don't have business. I can't believe we still have to tell this to people.

I'm also recovered from Covid. I lost two weeks of guitar lessons, and as a self employed person that hurts. Covid has affected everyone's life and it will continue to get worse if we can't come together and take it seriously. 

Meanwhile, Sheryl soldiers on and lives in mortal fear of getting the virus. That she didn't get Covid when I did is a minor miracle. Sheryl wants to stay alive, and has no intention of proving how serious Covid is by getting the virus. She would certainly be in that 1% that die, can you imagine?

We all want normal but the longer it takes for this community to take this virus seriously, the longer it will take to get there. With the promising vaccine news, here's to hoping by spring we'll be able to rock and roll again.

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