Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Christmas lottery story

 I AM NOT a fan of the lottery. Too often it takes advantage of people who should be spending their money on food and bills instead of false hope. The odds of winning are astronomically against you. I can see how you'd play it just for fun or to give as a gift. But the hope of all your problems going away if you win is not happening.

There are exceptions, of course. One of them happened on Christmas Eve at Second String Music. It was about 2 p.m., and a mom wandered into the store looking for a nice acoustic guitar for her young daughter. We had one left, a 3/4 size Fender. "Oh, she'll be so happy!" the mom said.

Turns out she had $5 in her pocket when she went to work in the morning. She stopped to buy a lottery ticket and won $100. So she bought more 5 more tickets, and kept winning. Soon she had $500 and decided to get her daughter the acoustic guitar she had been wanting for Christmas. She came to see us, kept her fortunate winnings local, and I guarantee there was one happy little girl in Quincy on Christmas morning strumming a new guitar.

At Christmas we see many people who just want to do something nice for their friends. I was getting ready to close at 4 Saturday when a woman strolled in needing a restring. She's a nurse on the COVID-19 floor at Blessing. Man, did she have some stories. I was more than happy to help her get strings and to fix up her guitar. It sounded good as new and I left the store at 4:30 thrilled to have helped.

This morning the post-Christmas shopping continues, especially with gift certificates. Sheryl is busy ordering to restock the store and we are grateful for surviving 2020. Our special for the rest of the week is a free Snark tuner with any purchase over $30. We are changing things up for 2021!

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