Tuesday, August 17, 2021

School band season again

SCHOOLS ARE BACK in session this week, which means it is school band season again at Second String Music. We are partnering with the Music Shoppe for instrument rentals, and we have the books and supplies like reeds, oil, rosin and music stands.

Getting started in band can be a little intimidating. Work with your teachers and listen to your child when it comes time to picking an instrument. Renting is a great option because you pay a little at a time and can return the instrument any time if the child loses interest.

Sheryl spent a very long day last week putting a slew of instruments into inventory, and she's also training myself and our part-time guy, Steve, to correctly fill out the paperwork and make sure the students have the books and stands. 

As COVID Delta variant is still making in person transactions troublesome, Here are a few modifications to make the rental process easier in our store.

1. Please leave your child at home if possible. We realize some parents simply can't do that with younger brothers and sisters around. We are just trying to minimize the number of people in the store at one time, and rental season can get a little crazy around here.

2. If your child is playing a stringed instrument, please measure them at home. Here is the link to a measurement guide for Violin and Viola. Your band teachers can help you with this too.

3. We are not requiring masks in the store, yet. But that could change if infection rates continue to rise. Please be prepared for that possibility.

4. If anyone is even feeling a little sick in your house, please do not come into the store. You can order an instrument directly from The Music Shoppe or go to the Instrument EXPO in August at Baldwin School.

5. Yes, we are sick and tired of COVID-19. Yes, we wish it was over and life was back to our new normal but it isn't yet. Please be considerate of Sheryl's autoimmune disorder and her need to avoid getting this virus. She runs this place and without her the store can't function.

Let's have a great musical school year!

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