Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nephew Josh is in the Q-Town

MY NEPHEW, JOSH, is here for a visit. He lives in Denver and came with his mother, my youngest sister, yesterday. She's dropped him off for a few days and he will have a blast.

Josh is nearly 13, full of questions and just generally a happy boy. He is content to pluck on instruments and hang out at the store with his laptop. He loves walking the dogs and building campfires in the backyard. Since I have lots of lessons and Sheryl is busy in the store, he's pretty much on his own and he's doing just fine.

He will help Frank Haxel be a roadie at our Friday night Cheeseburger gig, and I might take him to a Gems game, down to the lock and dam, maybe a neighborhood swimming pool.

I'm trying to think of what I was like at that age and I really can't. I made some long trips as a youngster, including a memorable visit to California when I was in fifth or sixth grade to hang out with my grandparents. I loved getting on a plane and the sense of adventure, and I think Josh is the same way.

Plus he's family. So it's all cool. I hope he enjoys his stay with his Uncle Rotknee and Aunt Sheryl. All he has to do is be a kid, and we are going to have a grand time!

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