Thursday, June 6, 2013

I remember getting married - I think

TWO YEARS AGO yesterday, Sheryl and I got married in our backyard. Hard to believe and time flies when you are having fun.

I married way over my head. Nuff said.

I was probably yelling at the neighbor to stop mowing.
What I remember the most is asking my neighbor if he could shut off his lawnmower for a few minutes so we could proceed. We had a backyard full of people and it was warm. I walked down the sidewalk with my daughter Emily, my surrogate mother, Anne Mays, and Bella The Destroyer. K.B. Konte blew her kazoo during the five-minute ceremony and then pronounced us man and wife. Sheryl actually put down her wine glass to say "I do." My shorts were wrinkled. I'd played shows the two nights before with the Cheeseburgers and I was tired.

But I was happy.

We had an awesome jam session with Rock A Bye Johnny B, also known as Jon Barnard, and Paul Lester. My buddy Hank played the bongos, and Greg Ellery and Sheryl's sister, Steph Boyer, grilled a fabulous meal.

Mostly I remember it was just a lot of fun and very unconventional, a celebration of Sheryl now having health insurance.

The next morning I went to work. GUH. Life is so much better now.

If you've already been around the block and you are getting married, don't bow to societal norms and wasted a lot of money on a lavish ceremony. Instead, waste your money on Bloody Mary mix and a kazoo for the preacher who marries you.

It's the only way to go.

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