Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Visiting Uncle Rotney

WE ARE FLUNG out over the four corners of this great country. So it's always way cool when a family member comes for a visit.

In this case, it's my nephew, Josh. He's what, 11, 12? Shame on Uncle Rotknee for not knowing. He's like a weed because he grows so fast, I do know that.

Josh is the son of my youngest sister, Charys, who lives in Denver. She is coming to St. Louis for business later this month and hopes to bring Josh with her, and then have him come up for a week to hang in the Q-Town.

Josh will have a blast roaming our store building, seeing the Mighty Mississippi River, maybe catching a Cheeseburger gig.

I remember being a kid and visiting my crazy aunts and uncles in Toronto. I had the time of my life, going to Blue Jays and Leafs games, roaming the city, staring up at the CN Tower and getting a sore neck.

Quincy isn't Toronto, but has its own set of charms and quirks. Seems to me Josh knows what an adventure is like, so he'd have a great time.

Come to the Q-Town, Josh! Your big dorky Uncle Rotknee and Aunt Sheryl would love to see you, as would your Big Cousin, Emily. We don't have to make a lot of plans, we'll just hang out and get into trouble, with any luck.

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