Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vancil moves, all the way across the parking lot

OUR FRIENDS AT Vancil Performing Arts made the big announcement today - they are moving the music department across the parking lot to a new building. See the official news below. It's an incredible space with all kinds of room. It might make a nice rehearsal space for Sidewalk Chalk. Hmmm .....

Vancil and Second String Music began partnering soon after SSM opened more than two years ago. It's benefited us both greatly. And poor Frank Haxel - wrong place and wrong time, time after time, and now he's stuck being the Cheeseburger roadie.

We have more announcements coming for both businesses, and they are huge, so stay tuned. If you want a clue, ask Frank what he's been doing in our old bank vault.

Four and a half years ago the Vancil Performing Arts Center Music Department opened in our wonderful little space at 819 Ohio. Thanks to the support of the Quincy area, our students, our wonderful staff and friends of Vancil Performing Arts Center we have now outgrown that space. So, on July 15 we will be moving to our beautiful new location at 531 South 8th street (white brick building on the northeast corner of 8th and Ohio). We are so excited! This new space will have larger lesson rooms, rooms for group classes, a larger waiting room and much more. And the best part; it is less than 200 feet from our current location. We love our historic Quincy Calftown area and just can’t express enough how happy we are to be putting this building to good use. Feel free to stop in and check out the new location anytime. Thank you again Quincy!

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