Monday, March 17, 2014

A study in Contrasts

More than anything, we are always surprised at the complete difference in customers that come through our doors. Just this morning we have had some serious classical musicians perusing the band instrument section, we are very proud to be able to offer these customers a wide variety of items and services. (Special Orders don't upset us!)

Later a serious rock musician that has more guitars than he will ever need came through to kick a few tires. These guys are our life blood and we give them a great shopping experience every time they come through the doors. They may not buy anything today but they will buy and usually big ticket items. They are long term, life long customers that we cherish.

Almost as soon as our local guitarist left, two soon to be college gals came in with their father. One of the girls fell in love with a Luna Muse Parlor guitar on Saturday and brought her dad back to help her buy it. They are still here rocking and rolling with Rodney while using Kazoos to make fun sounds through the guitar amps. Free lessons with purchase come with each instrument you buy from Vancil Performing Arts Music Department.... But if you just keep hanging out, Rodney will teach you the first few tricks you need to start playing music today. He is a nut.

Lucy and Eddie are enjoying it all and Lucy is blocking the door to keep them here. What a great place to work.

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