Wednesday, March 19, 2014

County Clerk race will be interesting

CONGRATS TO CHUCK Venvertloh, one of the good guys around here, who won the Republican nomination for Adams County clerk and recorder Tuesday. Chuck, a local bank branch manager and the Ellington Township supervisor, defeated two quality opponents in a clean race.

Now it's going to get very interesting.

In November, Chuck runs against Jonathan Schoenakase, who didn't have a Democratic opponent. The Dems couldn't find anybody else? Really? They've held this office forever.

This is a crucial position, click here for more about the job and what the clerk and recorder does. The clerk and recorder is in charge of maintaining county records, running elections and many other things.

Chuck has to be careful about what he says and does. I hope he stays above the fray and keeps it clean. I am not speaking for him, and I am not a Democract or Republican, but let me say some things about his opponent. Just to be fair.

Jonathan Schoenakase's real name is Jeff Scott. He is a convicted felon. He's been involved in some of the more notorious events in Quincy. You know his brother, Jimmy, the one serving a 30-year prison sentence for breaking the West Quincy levee in 1993.

Everybody deserves a second chance, and Jeff, er, Jonathan, hasn't been in serious trouble for a long time, so maybe it's all good.

Jonathan has become famous in Quincy for offering "courtesy rides" to people who have had too much to drink. Chuck better not underestimate this guy, because he is hugely popular with the bar crowd around here and he's somewhat of a cult figure. Jonathan doesn't charge for his rides. Technically. You can buy a fake flower from him instead, or something like that.

Jonathan doesn't have a license to operate a cab service. Many people think he doesn't need one. I saw him driving around in a shiny convertible last summer, so business must be good, licensed or not.

Come election time, it will be interesting to see how well the Dems back this guy. When the media calls, I really wonder what Jonathan will say to convince the voting public he's qualified for this office. Actually, I'm just curious to see what he'll say, period. I'm sure it will be interesting.

May the best man win, and good luck to both candidates. You make up your own mind who is better suited to do the job.


  1. And remember, Webster school is NO LONGER available as a location for a poling place!

    1. Yes there are those of us who remember it going up in flames and who started that fire! And all the fireman who put their lives on the line.