Friday, March 28, 2014

Funeral for a friend

TODAY WE SAY farewell to our friend, Michael Pasley.

I hate funerals and visitations. I will only go to funerals of very close friends and family. This is not meant to disrespect anybody, and I understand why they take place, but I often feel very uncomfortable in those settings.

I will go to Mike's visitation this morning. Sheryl has been encouraging me to go. He was a friend and I worked many a long night at The Whig with Mike. He was a character. He will be missed.

Click here for the Facebook page created to share memories of Paz. The stories are priceless. I've been laughing out loud all week.

I want to hug his father, Gordon, and tell him everything will be all right, even though it won't. I will probably see some people I haven't bumped into in a long time while waiting in the long line.

I'm dreading it. But I will go. It's the right thing to do.

Dang it, Paz! Just for you, I will stomp a hole in the floor at the old CYO Gym, and frame the broken piece of wood. Tonight I might just barrel into the Whig newsroom holding up a piece of paper and saying, "Will somebody type in my box?"

Farewell, friend. I will always smile when thinking about you.

Here is Don O'Brien's column about Mike
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All great reads.

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