Thursday, March 27, 2014

Holding down the low end

FRIDAY NIGHT AT One in Quincy, I'm playing bass for the band Reasonable Doubt. These are all guys who used to play in The Funions. It's been fun practicing with them and we should have a good time.

I have a lot of respect for good bass players. I've played with many good ones, like Mark Brei, Jeff Van Kanegan, Justin Sievert and others. Our bass player in The Cheeseburgers, Don Van Dyke, is a tremendous player and very funny guy. If you see him around, ask about our "12-string EMERGENCY" from our last gig.

Bass isn't easy. Sure, it's four strings, mostly played one at a time, but you have to hold down the rhythm and work with the drummer. A good player makes it seem easy and effortless, but you have to be aware all the time of what is happening from everybody on stage. More than once we've careened off the rails and been brought back by the bass player.

A lot of times I can goof up a chord and nobody will notice but the band. If the bass player screws up, it tends to be magnified, so there is additional pressure to get it right. And it's tiring when you are constantly banging on a string, especially with a pick .... and there's no time to rest.

We're just gonna let it fly and do our best, and hopefully I hold up my (low) end of the deal.

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