Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Filling Out The Bracket

EVERY YEAR, MY brother puts together an NCAA bracket. It's called the Hart Family Challenge. Dogs, of course, are encouraged to participate.

Tucker and Bella put together an entry. Tucker wanted every team with a run and gun offense. Bella wanted teams with hot quarterbacks. Eventually, a coin flip and "woof" determined picks.

They might just win the whole thing.

Lucy took her time. She likes stubborn coaches like Coach K and Jim B and Coach H. Coach H, as in, Coach Steve Hawkins of Western Michigan University. I didn't call him stubborn, Lucy did.

This makes things problematic in the Hart House because I graduated from Central Michigan. But I like Coach Hawkins, who was at Quincy University before heading to Kalamazoo. I wish his team the best and I've picked them to win the region.

Really, who can tell? It's luck more than anything else. It doesn't matter who is playing who, everybody has a chance in the tournament, and a bounce and a tough call can wreck brackets for good.

The dogs and I will be watching!

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